The CDC is operated by a team of expert analysts and SIEM administrators. All of them are drawing on their work for global SOCs, experience with state-of-the-art technologies deployment and with solving large-scale incidents as well as local- and global-scale APT attacks.

A Brief info

Significantly lower risks

  • CDC service delivers excellent quality for lower cost compared to the use of the customer’s internal resources.
  • No need to worry about the search for, training and retention of expert employees.
  • With respect to the scope of the license, CDC can purchase HW at a higher discount rate.

Lower costs

  • Above-standard level of customer protection with continuous monitoring and the development of detection rules.
  • Highly experienced CDC team is self-sufficient and efficient in solving the detected incidents.

Top-class resources

  • Applied tools are among the TOP products available in the market (SIEM, EDR, Threat Intelligence).
  • We offer thoroughly tested and proven features.


  • Timely warning about potential threats and identified incidents.
  • Detecting known as well as new types of attack vectors.
  • Application of the UBA (user behaviour analytics) process.

Products and Services

Standard services

Optional services

Cyber Defense Center 

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