Protect your company against malware using zero-day or unknown vulnerabilities. We will implement a modern solution that will guard you against this threat.


We shed light on your security. Even though your network looks completely safe, the reality can be the opposite

One financial group was trying to solve a problem of the longterm attacks of the APT category targeting its key employees. The representatives of the company believed that these attacks were performed with the help of tailor-written advanced malware that cannot be detected by current technologies. That's why they asked us to help them with solving the problem.

After the testing operation, the technology was deployed into the blocking mode which prominently increased the strength of the security architecture. The incidents blocked right at the perimeter were analyzed in detail with the aid of the AEC. We managed to gain information about the types of persons the hackers target and which data were protected against theft.

The solution's description

The term of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is being used to describe the sophisticated hacker technique aiming directly at a specific target that can be represented by big and successful companies, or even states.

These are very advanced attack techniques which can be characterized by:

Targeting: organizations, financial institutions, and states. The penetration is not random. Malware is designed specifically for a specific target.

Progress: So far, unknown weak spots and zero-day vulnerabilities are being abused. Rootkits, blackout, and camouflage techniques are being used.

Persistence: The threat persists until the attacker is successful. The advanced and targeted techniques of social engineering and phishing at various canals are being used.



The benefits of our services

  • We not only deal with implementations and support, we also take an active part in incident-solving.
  • We build a complex defense, we perceive the weak spots of the security, and we manage to design a customized solution.
  • Our consultants have know-how in the field of hacker attacks and advanced malware.


We are happy to share our experience with the implementation for significant companies in the field upon request.

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