​​​​​Security Information and Event Management

We offer SIEM tools from reputable producers for monitoring and analysis of the logging records generated by a number of systems found in the organization's infrastructure. Together, we go over the project phases of the logging infrastructure analysis, selection of a suitable SIEM tool, implementation, documentation and subsequent support and development.


Everyone is capable of selling stuff. We go further than that

One of the biggest banks in the Czech Republic was not satisfied with monitoring and reporting in the field of security. The current SIEM (System for Monitoring and Security Event Management) was generating rather false events. Reports gained from it were used for the needs of the Czech National Bank only. The bank organized a tendering procedure for taking over the daily maintenance of the current system. Part of the cooperation was supposed to be ensuring the transition of SIEM to a new version. Among five addressed companies AEC won.

We got rid of the basic system problems at AEC and we executed an update to a new version. Together with the bank’s IT department, we also prepared a concept of SIEM development for the following time period. Our team works together on connecting heterogeneous IS platforms on a daily basis. SIEM became a powerful tool for monitoring the information security of the bank due to the reporting of correct events, and a significant improvement in reporting and processes.

Today, this solution is the hub of a collection of aggregate reports in the network, and it provides information about the current state of the security of operation. SIEM is no longer only used by the bank's IT department, but, thanks to the clarity of the reports, the management started to work with its outcomes as well.

The solution's description

SIEM solution is an audit and monitoring tool for ensuring and guaranteeing the level of security of the IT segment being operated.

This tool ensures a logical separation of IT security and operation. SIEM solutions monitor defined errors of the devices and are able to interpret potential and real security incidents as well as administrators’ and users’ activity. The evaluation of these events is automatic according to the defined parameters.

The monitoring tools are becoming an indispensable part of the IT world. Because if you don't use the automatic form of events' evaluation over the entrusted IT segment, you cannot ensure and guarantee its security.




  • Significant decrease of the applications' risks (decrease of the possibility of being compromised).
  • Detailed overview of the operation over the observed applications.
  • Real time event overview from multiple devices.
  • Possibility of forensic analysis of the events from many types of devices.
  • Automatic correlation and follow-up interactions.

Why AEC?

The members of our team have years of experience with analysis, integration, and SIEM technologies' development. We are not dependent on the producer of the SIEM solution.

We proceeded according to the examined procedures so maximum effectiveness would be ensured and the risk of SIEM tool integration and operation would be minimized.


We have lots of experience with project implementation for important companies in their branches, e.g.:
  • T-Systems
  • ZUNO
  • Creditas

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