We offer a number of security analyses. They are the backbone for the identification of the actual state of security and the inevitable precondition of successful implementation of further suggested solutions. Among the types of analyses, we include the analysis of the current state of security, risk analysis, implementation analysis of a chosen technology, forensic analysis, and impact analysis.


Our team of certified professionals, with experience from many realized projects, is competent to draft customized security solutions within the safeguard proposals considering legislative requirements (including compliance with the ISO/IEC 27000 standards) as well as your requirements.


Our team of specialized professionals is here for you to provide the integration of security throughout the whole organization. We provide security documentation for you, which is the basic measure to ensure security. We set security processes and roles, we implement the technical means of security systems, and we apply security check-ups.


We find out the level of information security of your company by testing applications and infrastructure. We describe and explain in detail the identified weak parts, then suggest effective measures to mitigate the impact of their possible abuse.


We offer to correct the defects though an independent view of our auditors. Their proven experience and professionalism helped to improve ICT security for number of our clients.